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STOP!  Before you read any further, I strongly encourage you to read the first three posts in this series (here, here and here).  If you don’t know what’s been covered, you may be offended.  My intention is not to offend but to cause you to think more deeply about God’s word

You’ve heard of a double-entendre, right?  It’s a spoken word or phrase that can be understood in two different ways.  The first is simple and safe, the second risqué.  For instance, a double-entendre is central to the following sentence.  “A nudist beach is place where men and women go to air there differences.”

Could a double-entendre lay at the heart of Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman?  Might SHE THINK… Jesus… ahhh… is offering her… sex?


WOW!  That was tough to write.  I’m sure you never thought you’d read that from a conservative evangelical.  I hope your hanging with me and didn’t throw your phone or break your computer.

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