25 Random Things About Matt

In case your wondering about the author of this blog, here are 25 entirely random things about me.

  1. I’ve had my wedding day and I’ve seen each of my four children born, but the happiest day of my life is still being baptized in the Holy Spirit June 31, 1991 at the age of 13.
  2. I know God has blessed me with my wife. After five girlfriends in the course of my eighth grade year, I dedicated two years without a relationship to the Lord. At the end of that time, I started dating Tami Shipman, my first and only girlfriend after that time.
  3. I won a male beauty pageant, “Mr. Camas”, my freshman year of high school.
  4. I love to swim.
  5. I twist my hair if it gets long enough and or I’m stressed about anything. In fourth grade I got my finger stuck and pulled out a big chunk.
  6. I like to think I can write but as of yet I haven’t written anything substantial. I have three major writing projects that I want to write, two screenplays and a book; Ancient of Days: a script about Christ’s harrowing of hell, John Brown’s Body: a script dealing with the question if abortion is murder are we justified in killing the murder and The Spiritual Gospel: a book uncovering the gospel of John’s hidden significance.
  7. I once had a naked woman smear her menstrual blood on me in a fight at the Clark County Jail. Remember I’m a custody officer – not an inmate.
  8. I have a degree in Social Science with a minor in Biblical Studies from Biola University in La Mirada California.
  9. I have two major regrets in my life. One was never attending Jerusalem University when I had my place and plane ticket ready to go. The second was resigning as Youth Pastor at Peoples Church. Although I believe I choose the better path in both instances I still would like to go back and try the other.
  10. While I don’t often get depressed, I still tend towards pessimism and doubt.
  11. I wish I enjoyed things like sports and cars instead of things like ancient history and classical literature. I think I’d have an easier time starting conversations with men.
  12. I always have a book in my face but I rarely finish one.
  13. I love to travel. If I didn’t have to make a living, I’d climb in RV with my family and drive across the United States.
  14. I’ve been to three countries outside the United States: Canada, Mexico and Israel.
  15. My favorite novel is Byzantium by Stephen Lawhead. It tells the story of young Irish monk in the 8th century who is selected to travel to Byzantium in order to present the Roman emperor with the book of Kells. On the Journey, however, everything goes wrong. He is captured by Vikings; his friends are betrayed by Christians and enslaved by Muslims. Although he makes it to Byzantium and helps to rescue his friends, he looses his faith and ultimately returns to Ireland a changed man. There in his home monastery, however, his faith in Christ is restored and he becomes a missionary to the Northman.
  16. I smoked grass once. I’ll never do it again. Lawn clippings rolled up in newspaper don’t seem to have the same mellowing effects on me that they do on other people.
  17. I don’t function well on anything less than eight hours of sleep.
  18. My first car was a Ford Ranger pickup truck. It had a nice new paint job but the engine leaked oil. After spending all my money to fix the head gasket three times, I learned a valuable life lesson. It’s better to have a car that runs than one that looks nice.
  19. I’ve worked behind the scenes at Disneyland.
  20. I was voted “most likely to change the world” my senior year of High School.
  21. Ice-cream is so good I think it wards off cancer. That’s why I make sure to have a bowl of it every night before I go to bed. Note: I never said it helps you lose weight.
  22. Although I wanted to, I was never able to cut the umbilical cord of any of my four children.
  23. I think the coolest present I ever received was the original Nintendo Entertainment System given to me by my parents on my ninth birthday. I was the first person I knew to get one.
  24. I’ve learned the most in my life by doing.
  25. I once drank the collective spit of a van load of people. It goes without saying I sometimes have a problem with dares.
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    Well. It’s very nice to meet you, Matthew. :)
    Now I feel like we’re old friends.

    • http://twitter.com/ClassicalQuest Classical Quest

      – Adriana. Linked through Scribblepreach.

    • http://logosmadeflesh.com/ Matthew Miller

      Thanks Adriana. It’s nice to meet you too.

  • William Russell
    • http://logosmadeflesh.com/ Matthew Miller

      Sorry William. The gmail address you provided didn’t work. Here are the references you requested. And thanks for reading.

      Michaels, J. R., John (Peabody, Massachusetts: Hendrickson, 1989) p. 56.


      Talbert, C. H., Reading John: A literary and Theological Commentary on the Fourth Gospel and the Johannine Epistles (New York, Crossroads, 1994) p. 99

  • William Russell

    Thanks so much, I super appreciate it.