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As public religion declines, faith goes to the movies

American society as a whole is becoming increasing secular. But does that mean that Americans are not interested in religion and spirituality, that we are no longer asking the big questions of meaning and faith? Not if our movies are any indication.

The Parable about Hell

I would argue there is some moralizing: the rich man does not respond to the poor man’s begging. Jesus lays that man at the rich man’s feet and the rich man does not respond.

To Bury or to Burn? Cremation in Christian Perspective

Lacking explicit moral guidance from Scripture, cremation has become an increasingly popular option for contemporary believers and unbelievers alike. Yet for much of history, cremation has been avoided and discouraged by nearly everyone in the Judeo-Christian tradition. So how do we develop a biblical ethic of cremation?

10 Positive Reasons to Train Your Kids in Cell Phone Use

Apart from giving them the Gospel, the single best thing we can do for our kids’ college, career, and marriage prospects is to train them to be self-disciplined in their cell phone use.

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