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We Know They Are Killing Children – All of Us Know

The point of this blog is that we know what we are doing — all America knows. We are killing children. Pro-choice and Pro-life people both know this.

How Abortion Undermines the Rationale for Child Support

[Overall] argues that the biological father should be charged with full financial responsibility for any child that his sex partner chooses to have, regardless of the man’s personal resources and desires. She insists that “what the man cannot do, with moral justification, is to make an individual, unilateral decision during the pregnancy to reject all responsibility for the infant.”

Yet of course that is exactly what Overall wants to allow the mother do.

8 Reasons Why Some Churches Don’t Grow

How Andy Stanley and Tim Keller Preach with Non-Believers in Mind

Despite all these differences, there is one thing Stanley and Keller agree on: preachers ought to be mindful of the unbelievers in their congregation.

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