Writing by Hand

March 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

I’m writing this post out by hand.  Hopefully it will stop me from the constant self-editing which leaves most of my posts unfinished.

Writing by hand allows my thoughts to flow without the added pressure of making them immediately comprehensible.  Could I say it better?  Of course I could.  But writing is first and foremost about putting words on page.  And that only happens when I allow my mind to bypass the gatekeeper separating it from the page.  With my keyboards “Backspace” so readily available most of what I write is quickly thrown away.  The pen doesn’t let me do that.

I’m now thinking just how awesome an illustration writing is of the Incarnation (John 1:14).  Just as the invisible Logos/Word became flesh in Jesus to make known the invisible God (John 1:18) so in writing my unseen mind must become one with the pen to make known my thoughts to you.  The same could also be said of speaking but speaking isn’t visible like these letters you see here.

Jesus is God’s perfect and visible self-expression.

Too often I feel the gravity in the gulf separating my thoughts from their adequate articulation and forget just how perfectly God bridged and bridges the comprehension gap for me.  My writing is an incarnation but it’s not the Incarnation.  He and His Spirit has and will make up the gap in whatever my writing lacks.

I need to rest in that.

Matthew Scott Miller

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